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Welcome to "The Spirit Within"
Opening pathways to the heart through spiritual coaching...
I hope that you find everything you need while visiting this site. I have designed the site to make it as user friendly as possible and have added some unique menu items and events. If you find that you are looking for something not listed, please contact me and I would be happy to see if I can assist you on your path and answer your questions. I am always a student first and a teacher second and take time to learn from my students and colleagues so that I may assist you, the student in pursuing your own spiritual path. I am grateful for the gifts that I have been given and look forward to sharing my experiences and journey with you.
I am an Intuitive spirit coach, Spiritual director, certified Hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, Reiki master teacher and a Teacher of the healing arts. I am also an angelic Intuitive and I offer spiritual development through spiritual coaching classes utilizing Divine love and light healing to all who seek it.  I work closely with the Higher Realms and the Divine light energies to assist you in healing and learning, thus allowing you to come into Be-Ing. Being who you are meant to be and learning to love and trust the true you.  I wish to share my spiritual tools with you so that you may too feel what it is to be love, peace and help facilitate healing on all levels.
I invite you  to take a moment and view my services, testimonials, and to join me in one of my readings, coaching sessions or workshops  -  you will be surrounded by loving and healing energy!
May peace and love enter your hearts and remember to share your light as often as you can!

 - Danielle Federico
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